Death Metal



MORBID FLESH was formed in 2007 from the ashes of UNDERTAKER by Vali (vocals), Jose and Marc (guitars), Makeda (bass, also in INSULTERS) and Gusi (drums, also in GRAVEYARD and INSULTERS). The intention was to create festering Death Metal in the vein of pioneers like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, DEATH and GRAVE.

The Demo “Dying Lapidation” was received very well by the metalheads in Spain and also neighbouring countries. The 200 copies the band released independently were sold out fast. Later this Demo was re-released by Blazing Obscurity Records and it was also used as bonus material on the band’s full length release that saw the light of day through Memento Mori under the name of “Reborn In Death”.

This album set waves in the underground and MORBID FLESH rose rapidly, making a name for itself around the world. Not satisfied with that and with a slight lineup change (Gusi changed to the guitars among with Carlos and Michel entered as the new drummer), MORBID FLESH recorded another slab, the band’s most powerful and effective material till date, to be released on Germany’s Unholy Prophecies record label. “Embedded In The Ossuary” is slated for a 2014 release and is bound to leave a mark, an indelible one, with its unique appeal and highest quality of Death Metal music.


- Dying Lapidation (Demo, 2009)
- Reborn In Death (Full Length, 2011)
- Embedded In The Ossuary (EP, 2014)

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