Blackened Death / Thrash Metal



The band INSULTERS was formed in Sabadell, Catalunya, in November 2008. In their ranks you can find current and ex-members of bands like MORBID FLESH, GRAVEYARD, METRALLA among others. Short after their inception, the band released their first Demo “Skull Krusher” containing 4 own tracks and one cover version of the song “Into The Crypts Of Rays” from CELTIC FROST. The idea was clear from the very beginning: old-school blackened Thrash / Death Metal. With no compromises. After some months they entered the studio again to records new material wich was released independently under the name “Black Vomit”. This Demo included again 4 own songs and one cover. This time the chosen track was “The Exorcist” by the mighty POSSESSED.

After many shows and the good reception by the local fans, INSULTERS started working on their next release. They congregate with NOCTURNAL HELL to edit a Split called “Spit On The Crucifix” wich was released by the local label Sabathell Metal Attack as a tape limited to only 200 copies. Short after that, Diabolus Productions from Mexico convinced the band to put out a CD-compilation including both demos wich were already completely sold out.

Now it was time for the debut LP. The band took almost 2 years to forge this new release. And the final result is outstanding! An awesome album from start to finish with an addictive and obscure Thrash / Death with a certain punk flavor. The recording and mastering duties were done by Javi Felez at his Moontower Studios in Barcelona. The cover art was done by the great artists Cesar Valladares. This LP was released on 12″ vinyl by Trabuc and Equinox Records in September 2013. And Unholy Prophecies from Germany released it now as CD on a giant 7″ sized 4-panel digipack.


- Skull Krushers (Demo, 2008)
- Black Vomit (Demo, 2009)
- Spit On The Crucifix (Split wit NOCTURNAL HELL, 2009)
- Skull Krushers Festering In Black Vomit (Compilation, 2011)
- We Are The Plague (Full length, 2013)

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