Death Ridden Black Metal Crust/Punk



SACROSCUM was formed in 2015 by J. and SS. After playing music together for a long time and trying to create something unique they mixed influences of DARKTHRONE, early CELTIC FROST, DISCHARGE, SKITSYSTEM, INQUISITION and everything they thought would be fitting. Combined with utterly hateful Lyrics and a healthy disdain for most of you Sacroscum was born.

“SACROSCUM can be music.
SACROSCUM can be a mirror.
SACROSCUM can be a judge.
SACROSCUM can be a knife.
SACROSCUM can be whatever you want.

But, ultimately, SACROSCUM is whatever the fuck we want it to be.”

After some recording sessions in their rehearsal room they created 8 pieces of music which are released under the name of “STILLBIRTH”. Everything “do-it-yourself” from beginning to end. “STILLBIRTH” comes with raw, primal and aggressive songs about death, dedication, disgust and what lies beyond all these.

“Wait until the release of this ejaculation of filth and disgust, then you can finally drink yourself to death with a smile on your (and our) face. Do it.”



- Stillbirth (Demo, 2016)


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