UP-004CD | BODYBAG – “Predominance Of Insanity” (CD)

The CD version of BODYBAG‘s debut mini-album called “Predominance Of Insanity“ is now available and ready to be shipped worldwide!!

Expect nothing less that a massive Grind/Death Metal assault in the vein of REPULSION, AUTOPSY, NAPALM DEATH (w/ Mick Harris), TERRORIZER, INCANTATION, DISCHARGE, DEATH STRIKE, CELTIC FROST, MORBID ANGEL, SLAYER…

BODYBAG was born on summer 2014. Just some weeks after MACHETAZO demise, Dopi (who was drums / vocals for the band during 20 years) joined Corey (BOKLUK drummer) on bass / vocals and M.S. (ARKAIK EXKRUCIATION guitarist) on guitar. The sick chemistry between them was immediate, and the songs started to flow like rotten corpses emerging from a flooded crypt. On December 13th BODYBAG recorded the eight songs for “Predominance Of Insanity” at Treboada Studio.

The CD was pressed on a limited edition of just 500 copies. Standard jewelcase with transparent tray. Below you can find some pictures of the final CD edition.


M.S. – Guitars.
Corey – Bass & Vocals.
Dopi – Drums & Vocals.

Here you can see the killer artwork for “Predominance Of Insanity” done by the mighty Nor Prego.

bodybag_cd_ 005_frame
bodybag_cd_ 001_frame
bodybag_cd_ 002_frame
bodybag_cd_ 004_frame
bodybag_cd_ 003_frame