UP-003MC | DEPARTED SOULS – Barbaric Tortures (MC) / SOLD OUT!!!!

Our third tape release is DEPARTED SOUL’s new EP “Barbaric Tortures”. You wanna feel a massive slap of old-school nasty Death Metal in your face? Ok, then continue reading…

DEPARTED SOULS was formed back in 2013 but all the members of the band are well-known activists of the underground Death Metal scene. They have been playing together since the young 90′s, they are avid collectors of Death Metal music, they are definitely old-school as fuck.

After their first Demo “Demo 2014″ they now release a brandnew EP named “Barbaric Tortures”. We at UNHOLY PROPHECIES decided to support the band a release a very special and limited edition of this EP on pro-don tapes with pro-done covers. The edition is limited to just 30 handnumbered copies.