UP-003CD | ARCHAIC THORN – In Desolate Magnificence (CD)

Death Metal

After their highly praised first Demo, the German Death Metal band ARCHAIC THORN is ready to unleash their next release. And for this new endeavor they have signed a deal with Unholy Prophecies.

It will be a new MCD / MLP called “In Desolate Magnificence” and it will contain 5 new songs (1 Intro + 4 new tracks) of high-class Nihilistic Death Metal.

The MCD will be limited to 500 copies and the 12″ MLP will be limited to 300 copies. Elias Aquino (http://miasme-malsain.blogspot.de) will handle the whole artwork / layout. Expect this new release to be available around April / May 2015. All fans of bands like GRAVE MIASMA, HATESPAWN, NECROS CHRISTOS, old MORBID ANGEL and the like should definitely keep an eye on this band.