Death / Black Metal



2010: Formed by A.Death who has been gathering Death Metal song material through the recent years.
He records two demo full-lenght albums within a few months.

2011: “Spawn Of The Dead” is released by Dybbuk Records.

2012: “Neurotic Necrotic” is released by Hellthrasher Productions.
Work on the follow up is completed.

2013: “Sacrilegious Purification” is released.
It is seen as the bands rebirth in terms of goals, both spiritual and production/musicwise.

2014: PUTRIFIED now a full lineup band rehearses more regularly.
New material has been written.

A.Death – Vocals & Guitar
Crypt – Drums
P.Apocalypse – Bass
Grave – Guitar

2015: PUTRIFIED’s first 7″ EP will hopefully see the light of day through Unholy Prophecies.


- Spawn Of The Dead (Demo full-lenght, 2011)
- Neurotic Necrotic (Demo full-lenght, 2012)
- Sacrilegious Purification (MCD, 2013)

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