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SOULROT is a Death Metal band from Valparaiso, Chile, influenced mainly by the old Death Metal bands from Europe (Sweden, Finland, Holland). Their story starts in 1993, at least the spirit of the band itself, when JL Olmos, then in his early teens, decided to start a project with him taking charge of the lead guitars.

The band rehearsed, but didn’t last more than a couple of months, never releasing any material. The few recordings from rehearsals got lost with the march of time. JL then went into other ventures, like founding the local grind legends CRANIAL, and played and collaborated with several local acts like DISSIDENT, THRASH ATTACK, FRACTAL, local Thrash heroes BETRAYED among others, but he retained the idea to form his own band. So, in 2013, he decided it was time to give it another try, and started to write new material (some old riffs from his first run remained), and he felt it suited well with the spirit of his first band, and thus, the reincarnation of SOULROT was born.

Looking for people to assist him in this task, he came accross two rotten souls in the persons of JH Wilschrey, bassist for the Death Metal act SADISTIC MURDER, and FRL, drummer with experience in the local Grindcore scene, ex-member of SATANIC CUMSHOT and OBSCURE DUST, just to name two of his old projects. The trio started to practice and in a couple of weeks it was clear that this was not to be a one-man-project with session members, instead becoming a full time band with each member adding unique elements.

A couple of sketches of songs leaked into the internet, and the band started to get offerings to play live but, without a stable singer, most of this offers were turned down. Being unable to find the person and feeling comfortable with the number of people in the band, they tried and found that in between FRL and JH Wilschrey could do the job of growling and screaming as needed, and added another particular element to their sound, the dual vocals. Also, it was clear that they needed lyrics
to match the dark and raw sound they were developing, so, the inspiration came in the form of the writings of the master HP Lovecraft, the cosmic horror, the relationship of mankind with supernaturals forces above it and the fear to the unknown.

After a couple of shows, they took the decision that it was time for their first attempt at recording. They registered the demo called “Horrors From Beyond”.  JH Wilschrey took charge of the recording process itself and FRL did the production, mixing and mastering. Both with just self teached knowledge in this matters. The material saw the darkness in the first weeks of March 2014, in a self released edition, in a limited hand numbered 30 copies chrome tapes, and CD-R (limited to 100 copies), both with Pro-Cover, designed by Juan M., who has become something like a fourth member of the band understanding at perfection the concept and visual needs of the music.

UNHOLY PROPHECIES from Germany offered the band to release this Demo in a pro version (pro-cover & pro-tape) and the band accepted it immediately. This edition will be limited to 200 copies and will be out around September 2014.

APOCALYPTIC ZINE PRODUCTIONS from Chile is the official distributor for the CD edition of the Demo as described above.


- Horrors From Beyond (Demo, 2014)

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